The Accident !!!

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It was a pleasant, shiny day. Milan and Liverpool had to play the big match. The match was going to take place on the Liverpool ground. Thousands of fans were waiting for this spectacular match. The gates opened with a queue packed with people to enter.

The supporters took their places and the game was ready to commence. After only five minutes that the whistle had gone Liverpool scored. The fans started to cheer and lit up flares. After two minutes people from the Milan stand started to run as Liverpool supporters were aiming flares in their direction.

The police started to take action although, they did not notice that the Milan stand collapsed. Many Milan supporters were injured. The police only noticed after two minutes but for some supporters it was too late. Ambulances were called and doctors rushed in. All of a sudden the environment changed to hell.

After everything was settled after an investigation took place. It was to be said that over fifty Milan supporters were injured and four passed away. The sports world was in shock. The results of the investigation showed that the stadium was not well-designed and was shut down as a result. Action took place to see who through the flares.