"The accident" a good short story essay with a great twist (its gotta have a twist).

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The Accident

The darkness of night had drawn down its shady covers on the last of the fading light. It was about 8:30 in the evening and getting damn cold already. Last thing I remember I was in the office working overtime for the third night in a row and now this... The loneliness of night swept over me and I tried to remember how I got myself into this but I couldn't. My head felt like it was ready to burst and I didn't have anything to calm the ferocious pounding on the inside of my skull. Everything around me felt so weird like a strange dream, yeah that's it, a dream. Must be, I bet I'll wake up any second now in my suburban flat with that damn leak in the corner of my room and my flat mate's dog jumping on me, anyway I haven't woken up yet so I'll just go along with this until it blows over.

I looked up in the sky to see a glimmering ocean of darkness shining into a never-ending glow, At least the stars make it seem more peaceful out here I guess. I stare forward at the long road ahead of me and feel a sense that I've seen this same place before. I've never taken this road in my life, I haven't been to too many places here since I moved up a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd sus out the area.

My thoughts are interrupted as I see something in the far distance, a car completely trashed still smoldering and smoking into the. I ran up towards it to see if anyone was hurt, the car had swerved right into a tree and was completely smashed on the left front of the bonnet. The...