The accomplishments and struggle of Mohandas Gandhi and how he has inspired me.

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As the new millennium dawns upon us, I consider Mahatma Gandhi as a

immaculate role model to follow. His shrewd characteristics, and his peaceful ways made him the perfect man to emulate. The violence that we see in the television each day shows us how desolate the world has become, but Mahatma Gandhi's teachings say we should institute peace. It is Gandhi's bravery and intelligence that makes him an ideal role model.

For instance, Mahatma Gandhi was a very religious and peaceful man who

practiced nonviolent methods during the rule of Great Britain over India. I am a religious person, but the difference between Gandhi and me is that my beliefs are Christian oriented while his beliefs are of Hindu value. Although there are differences in the religious beliefs, I have no doubt in my mind that the peaceful decision is the best way. An example Gandhi's peacefulness was when Gandhi sat down on a bus and a British soldier came up to him and asked him to get up and move.

When Gandhi refused to move, the soldier slapped him on the cheek, and Gandhi showed him the other cheek because he would not stoop to violence. The meaning of Mahatma is "great soul". The people of India thought of him as the savior of the people. The great Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired by Gandhi's nonviolent tactics, which lead to the Million Man March. His actions show us that bravery can be an excellent attribute to those who use it.

Furthermore, Mahatma Gandhi was extremely bold and intelligent, qualities that were very admirable. Gandhi was educated at Cambridge University. He studied philosophy, but the other students in the college frequently snubbed him, but he never let their chatter get him down. I went through some of...