Accomplishments: Not Always What They Seem (Definition Essay)

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The definition of accomplishment can be defined as three things in the dictionary. The first one being the completion or fulfillment of something, the second is a remarkable or successful achievement, and lastly a skill or talent that has been developed. When one thinks of an accomplishment, we generally tend to think of this as being something good. However, depending on what the accomplishment might be, this could turn out to be something not so great.

Accomplishments can be small things such as completing our homework, or major goals we have set for ourselves such as losing weight. Whatever the accomplishment may be, we generally tend to feel good about ourselves and are rewarded by others praising us for completing what we set out to do. On the other hand though, what if a person's goals are not what we would consider an achievement. An accomplishment to someone else could be something we would never dream of doing or consider moral to do.

Take teenagers for example, sometimes they compete to see who can score the most females/males, or who can party the most, things that may endanger their lives in the long run. They do not see the danger in accomplishing such tasks because peer pressure tends to dictate these things as being great goals to master. In the end, they generally lose some of their self-esteem and feel hopeless and used. Hopefully with good guidance from loved ones and education, teens will realize that these are not great accomplishments for one to complete.

Another more dangerous type of accomplishment could be within gangs. Gang members tend to initiate new members by giving them certain goals to complete. Upon accomplishing these goals, the inductees will become new members of that particular gang. These accomplishments can range from assault, burglary,