In accordance with your own research what key reasons for Britain's defeat in the "American War of Independence" are not explained by the movie "The Patriot?" Explain citing examples.

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“The Patriot” is a film based on the American War of Independence, which is set in 1776 with intense fighting and heavy recruiting between the American colonists and the British. Throughout the movie, there are many events and moments which do not clarify the reasons why the American colonists won the War of Independence against the British and include British debt and taxes, Britain’s limited communications and the importance of the American colonists’ foreign aid.

Early in the movie, “The Patriot” failed to mention that the British were in debt because of the Seven Years War. The debt caused Britain to require greater resources to administer its new territories, as its military and naval forces, and its finances, were finely stretched. Britain therefore had difficulty finding available forces and funds for the expensive war in North America and decided to tax the American colonists to compensate. The financial debt severely limited Britain’s chances of gaining victory against the Americans, as it was difficult for them to pay for reinforcements.

This important fact failed to be mentioned in the movie as the viewers had no indication to how much money Britain had or were able to spend to recruit soldiers.

In the real war of the Independence, the British soldiers were divided into groups throughout North America because of the debt and funds. Britain had to control vast areas with a limited number of soldiers and communications to and from Britain took weeks or even months to arrive. There was also a lack of decisive military orders from the British Government. These factors gave British a grim chance of defeating the Americans in the war and allowed the American colonists to use it to its advantage to defeat the British. Many aspects relating to the British were not revealed...