Account for the breakdown of the family as an institution

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Account for the breakdown of the family as an institution.

The family is a set of parents and children or of relations living together or not. It is a race or group of people from a common stock. The family is the oldest institution devised by man. It is a legal social and moral institution because it perpetuates throughout generations. It existed from time immemorial. With time, it is a concept but its structure has changed. There has been a change from the extended family to the nuclear family. There are lots of factors which have contributed to this. The majority of social problems are attributable to the collapse of the family. There should be a ministry for family welfare and a ministry which will bring a panoply of views for this fall. The Cardinal Margeot said in one of his summons "the foundation of the family should be done on solid grounds so that it can resist all external factors.

The emancipation of women based on equal rights, equity and equality between man and women is one of the factors contributing to the breakdown of the family. Nowadays, with working women, there is no time and thus, there is less platform for communication. There is no direct communication between the wife and husband. Women are not machines and on their way home, they do not have the stamina to do the household chores as well as the cooking. There is almost no time to tackle problems and whenever they have little time at their disposal, they feel tired. Sometimes, it is too late to tackle the problems. There is also the influence of negative peer pressure. The youngsters search for escape and thus, their family collapses.

There is the influence of foreign media. Culture is that unifying feature which...