Account for the failure of democracy in Germany in the period 1928-1934.

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Adolf Hitler's self-appointment as the Fuhrer of Germany on the second of August 1934 signified the end of Weimar Republic and democracy in Germany. The reasons for the failure of democracy within Germany are numerous and wide-ranging, yet all are an effect of the in-ability of all German Government's that had occupied the Reichstag. Firstly, the German economy was in a very fragile state throughout 1928 until the Nazi Party's 'economic miracle' post-1934, as a result of the failure to adequately manage economic policy and the effects of the Wall St. Crash of 1929. The nature of Government's that held office in the Reichstag were all multi-party coalitions unable to pass laws without compromise from one or more parties from within these coalitions. Finally, the Nazi Party's rise in popularity following growing public dissent towards the Republic contributed to the failure and eventually ending democracy within Germany.

The Weimar Government's inability and failure to effectively control and manage the German economy resulted in dwindling support and confidence towards the Government.

The economy was in a fragile state prior to 1928 through the hyperinflation stage of Germany's economy, and, continued reparation payments to the Allies. The Young Plan of 1929, aimed at viably steering Germany throughout her reparation payments, was met with mixed reaction throughout German society with opposition to the Republic demonstrating against the fact that Germany still had to pay reparations, further discrediting the Republic. The Wall Street Crash in New York in October 1929 not only saw the withdrawal of massive amounts of money invested in the German economy by the USA, but also, an increase in the already high unemployment rate of 14.5%to 17.7% by February 1930. Resulting in the global Great Depression, the Wall St. Crash resulted in a reduction of confidence instilled in the...