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Evolution of Accounting Information Systems

ACC340 - Professor Williams

University of Phoenix

Jessica L. Rigassio

Every accountant knows that accounting is the language of business in today's society. Although that language has gone through many changes throughout the ages, accounting technology has always played a part in making the accountant's job just a little bit easier. Technology advancements have enhanced the accountant's ability to interpret data efficiently and effectively (Pepe, 2011). Whoever the accountant may be, now has the ability to interpret the language of business with such ease that the accountant has become a corporation's most trusted business advisor. As our knowledge of technology continues to increase, so does the accountant's ability to analyze statistical values.

As the twentieth century came to a close, the accounting profession began to take on a whole new look. Computers and accounting software has altered the industry entirely.

Microsoft excel, an electronic spreadsheet, eliminated the need for adding machines, calculators, ledgers and pencils. Excel made an accountant's job less tedious with less of a margin for error. With use of the computer an accountant can now perform statistical accounting or forecasting analysis with greater efficiency. Accounting technology has eliminated the number cruncher sitting behind a desk working on people's taxes and has allowed the accountant to find new challenges with much more to offer then decades ago when they relied on an abacus for a calculating tool (Kruglinski, 2009).

E-Business, the Intranet and the Extranet have become essential in the accounting world as well. Today's accounting professionals who understand the importance of the Internet will use the Internet for e-business (Pepe, 2011). Accountants typically use the Internet to execute major business processes in the enterprise. E-Business allows the accounting firm to coordinate activities for internal...