Accounting principles apply to business (case study)

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Tara Wu had recently received $5000 from her grandmother as a gift. She wants to invest this money in shares. Therefore this preliminary investigation on Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Ltd is provided to her better investment option for that sum of money. Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited is the merger of the Hallensteins and Glassons retail brands in 1985. The main activity of the group is retailing women's and men's clothing. Up to 01- Aug- 2005, there are 18 stores located in Australia and 77 stores locate in New Zealand, consisting of Hallenstein menswear stores and Glasson womenswear stores. (Annual report, 2005) Hallensteins and Glassons seem to supply clothing as well as develop customers for further promotion. Up-to-date music and modern lighting improve the shopping environment, the style and design of Hallensteins and Glassons help to make profit from the most sales of the product. Through successful trading and exciting expansion across the Tasman, Hallenstein Glasson have increased sales and made improvement in trading profit, netting a very reliable return for shareholders.

. Investigation process 1. What is the total value of current assets owned by the company? What is the total amount owed to accounts payables?