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When dealing with accounts receivable there are many different types of software available. Each of these software's contain there own special feature, which may benefit one user, but slow down another user. Finding the right software is the most important part of accounting because one mistake can make a big difference. The three types of software that I chose to compare are Legler Systems, ABS Wholesale Distribution Systems, and 4th Quarter Accounting Solutions. All three are excellent to use, but there's only one that I prefer. Which one is it?

Accounting software from Legler Systems contains separate modules that can function seamlessly in a integrated system or independently with import and export capabilities. This software supports multiple Pc's or UNIX-based platform systems. the software is also has a operational feature that is built into the each application module for user convenience. There is also a security and audit control feature that improves the accuracy and completeness of the data that was filed into the master file.

The last important feature that the Legler System contains is the technical design feature, and this improves the reliability, operational performance, design flexibility, and ease of maintenance.

The 4th Quarter Accounting Solution is specially engineered for the development and support of small businesses. All versions run without modifications, on PC's, Mac, and other mix-plat formed systems. Source codes, training and custom programming are also available. The 4th Quarter Accounting Solution has programming tools, a full site of accounting service, multi-level project analysis, and CheckMark's payroll programs. 4th Quarter Accounting Solution has been the leader of design and development of custom accounting systems since 1989.

The ABS Wholesale Distribution Systems is designed to help a wholesale distribution business improve its order processing efficiency and control cost. This software has capabilities to the ordering process,