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Accounting Memo

Irene Emond


July 14, 2014

Jay Johnson





Accounting Memo

When creating a memo, the first thing to do is to know and identify your purpose and your audience. Failing to know your audience can result in misinterpretation, needing more clarification or being altogether ignored. Considering your audience is a must, as it falls under the same category as knowing the purpose of your memo. Upon reviewing the given example, I would suggest using the commonly accepted format. The first of which "Date" should come before the "Subject", as it is more professional and gives a smoother flow to your memo, who it is from and what it is about. Secondly, information to change or omit is the opening word " TEAM-MATE", as it is shown on the "TO" line who the intended recipient is. A memo needs to be short and precise.

Since the words you can use are very limited, finding the right words and tone to use is imperative to get your point across efficiently. Use jargons with caution when creating a memo. Usage of jargon in our professions can be effective when talking with our colleagues in the same industry, but since this memo needed to change for our Executive Vice President as the audience, using accounting-specific language might not be appropriate. Changing the given example into a more simplified memo by lowering the number of paragraphs to a maximum of four can help you send your message be clear and concise. None of the sample paragraphs needs an indentation, as this is not a commonly accepted memo format. The next step is creating an introduction. Give a quick and brief overview of what the memo is about. I would suggest keeping the opening segment to...