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Many native tribes have a tough decision with either acculturation or cultural revitalization. One of the tribes that chose acculturation is the Choctaw tribe. The

Choctaw tribe were the first tribes to be moved to Oklahoma in 1830 on the Trail of Tears. Once in Oklahoma, the Choctaw quickly adapted to white culture with the help

of missionaries. They accepted a new religion and code of morals, a new educational system, adopted the constitution and legal system of the United States, and modified their agricultural and commercial practices. When the Choctaw tribe decided to accept all the new customs, they decided acculturation; as said in class lecture, "The decision

and/or practice of adapting 'foreign' or new ways of life, material items, and thinking. This process of cultural change/transformation varies in extent and autonomy"

(Proffessor Blu). The Choctaw tribe was one of the native tribes who put a lot of effort into acculturation.

There are many similar customs that the Choctaw took from the English; in which, one of them is making a constitution. For one example, while reading the

constitution written by the Choctaw tribe there is one ammendment that says,". . .United States are obligated to furnish every man emigrating to the West with a

good rifle gun and ammunition. . . ." (Aticle XXIII, Treaty with the Choctaw). This

ammendment sounds similar to the United States Constitution of the second ammendment which is, "right to bear arms" (Second Amendment to the United States

Constitution). Both ammendments are giving people the right to own firearms and to own them in their house for their own protection. The Choctaw are taking the United

States Constitution and trying to alterate it so that it is fair for themselves and showing the English that they are trying to follow them so...