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Accumulative Swing Index The accumulation swing index (ASI) is a version of Welles Wilder's swing index. It plots a running total of the swing index value of each bar. The swing index is a value from 0 to 100 for an up bar and 0 to -100 for a down bar. The swing index is calculated by using the current bar's open, high, low and close, as well as the previous bar's open and close.

 Aroon Oscillator A trend-following indicator that uses aspects of the Aroon indicator ("Aroon up" and "Aroon down") to gauge the strength of a current trend and the likelihood that it will continue.

 Aroon Up Down A technical indicator that was developed by Tushar Chande in 1995 and used for identifying trends in an underlying instrument (Currency) and the likelihood that the trend will reverse. It's made up of two lines. The first one is called "Aroon-up", which measures the strength of the uptrend, and the other line is called "Aroon-down", which measures the downtrend.

The indicator reports the time it takes for the price to reach, from a starting point, the highest and lowest points over a given time period, each reported as a percentage of total time. Both the Aroon-up and the Aroon down fluctuate between 0 and 100, with values close to 100 indicating a strong trend, and zero indicating a weak trend. The lower the Aroon up, the weaker the uptrend and the stronger the downtrend, and vice versa. The main assumption underlying this indicator is that a currencies price will close at record highs in an uptrend, and record lows in a downtrend.

 Average Candle Height (ACH) ** Developed by Gordon Lantz of VCI Group Ltd and introduced in Forex By Design Charting Software, the Average Candle Height indicator measures and...