Accuracy of Data Input, Quality Output, Storage Devices, and Speed of a Computer

Essay by password30 December 2008

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IntroductionThis Paper will discuss the importance of data entry and witch is the best method for data input for a variety of methods. Also this paper will look at convenience and why the quality of output is important. There are different types of storage devices that will be examined, to see which ones are appropriate for a variety of devices. And this paper will give an explanation of the role of hardware in determining the speed of a computer.

Accuracy of Data InputData plays an important role for computers and how well they perform. The accuracy of data entry is very important, in that if bad data in, bad data out. That is to say if data entry is done improperly then the out put will flawed. And the data may be hard or imposable to retrieve. Or you might be able to retrieve it but the data will reflect inaccurate information.

There are several ways that data can be input into the computer one is called Optical Data Reader. The Optical Data Reader can be used to input the information from a printed questionnaires or test. A telephone survey could be conducted with Voice Recognition Devices, witch are used to recognize human speech, record the responses and enter them into a database. Financial institutions use another data entry method, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) device. Banks use MICR to process checks, loan applications and bank statements in order to reduce the time it takes to manually read and type in these types of documents. For industries that have large inventories or retail sales use bar code scanners as another form of data input. A laser scans the bar code label and transfers the data for fast and easy processing. Some organizations have to deal with long documents from time...