The Ache

Essay by spoonman419High School, 10th grade July 2004

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My heart never ached so

As when the doctors said you would go

Was it not hours before

We laughed and played at life's open door?

How quickly things do change

Pretty soon my life would be rearranged

The loss of you

Would've been a partial loss of me

Because we worked hand in hand

One always supplying the others demand

My emotions swelled

But no one did I tell

Until I reached my breaking point

And my tears rose up as if from a well

Unknown cries climbed from my throat

As words desperately slipped out through strained chokes.

But on I went

With my pain barely spent

Still longing to know if you had stayed or went

Days did pass and we waited to hear

Would this be a mournful year?

And soon words were spoken

That I keep in my heart like a token.

You would live

But suffering was still something you had to give

Now I can remember those passing days of eternity

Was it a minute? An hour? A day?

No one could really say

Because pain has no definite time

It hangs on that thin line

Of indefinite awakening

At moments the ache returns

Always reminding me of the time

When for you God did yearn