How to Acheive Effective Information System Project Management

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Effective change management is an essential part of Information Systems Project Management. There are a variety of changes that may occur throughout a project lifecycle, however as stated by Horine (2005:139) 'scope changes are generally responsible for 80% or more of project changes'.

Changes to scope can occur in response to both internal factors such as omissions from or errors in the initial definition of deliverable scope or from requests from stakeholders to include additional functionality in the system. External factors such as the legislative or technological environment within which the system will operate also have the potential to prompt changes to scope.

It is the role of the project manager to ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of the potential sources of change and take a proactive approach to change management. The most effective way to ensure change to scope is processed concisely is to adopt a change control system.


Horine (2005:139) suggests that 'scope changes are generally responsible for 80% or more of project changes'. Managing scope change is a critical element to the success of an Information System project as such changes have the potential to impact to the cost, schedule and the ability to meet the acceptance criteria of the stakeholder.

The key to successful scope management is defining, communicating and reconciling emerging requests throughout the project lifecycle. This report will address the changes that may arise as the result of modification to the deliverable cope of an information system.

MOT Diagram

The below MOT diagram indicates the Management, Organisational, and Technological factors which are associated with scope changes as a result of changes to the deliverable scope of an Information System.

Management Organisational

- Manage Relationships - Stakeholders

- Negotiate with - Skills Training

Stakeholders - Morale

- Task Coordination -...