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The achievement that I am most proud of is my successful migration from the technical line to a managerial position. During the first year of my career as a programmer, I realized that this was not what I enjoyed doing, that I would never be the best in it and that the progress in this path would be very slow. The opportunities I got in my new company were challenging. I started with managing small teams of 5 people and within a year I was given the responsibility to build the new department of the organization from scratch. I was responsible for the organization of operations for this department. This task included securing equipment, hiring and training, handling daily operations as well as managing the clients we had. I also had to look out for new opportunities to increase our clientele. It was almost as if I was running a small business.

I took a risk when I decided not to follow the traditional career path taken up my most Engineering graduates. But this accomplishment has reinforced my confidence in my ability to face business and personal challenges up front, to handle tremendous responsibility and to be in consistent pursuit of excellence.