Achieving Project Goals

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Achieving Project Goals

The project scope and deliverables was transporting a herd of elephants from one National Park to another. The Project is in the planning phase and as my primary task I would have to sequence the activities of the Work Breakdown Structure.

The sequence was as follows; spot Herd of 8 elephants, tranquilize elephants, spray elephants with water, fit elephants with GPS Tracking Collars, conduct medical exam, strap each one, lift each elephant, load them onto Recovery truck, administer sedatives, back them into trailers, drive them to the airfield, lead them into special containers, load containers onto aircrafts, fly to Ugoba, make ramp to help them get down, unload them off the aircraft, load them in to two trailer trucks, transport them to Special Conservation Area, Walk them out of the trucks, feed them, release them into the Special Conservation Area.

After sequencing correctly all the activities I will be prepared for the next steps of the process.

For my second assignment only one trailer truck will arrive on schedule because the second trailer truck broke down. My objective was to choose an option that will help me meet the constraints of time and safety. I decided to request another truck so that I would be able to start immediately.

The risk of my decision was the 60-minute delay in loading the elephants onto the truck. The benefits were that we gained 40 min by taking the shortcut route to the airport and with this decision I ensured that the scope of the project was not compromised.

The elephants have been loaded on to the aircraft successfully and on the way to our destination the pilot informs me that there is a storm at our landing...