Achieving Project Goals Simulation

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The Achieving Project Goals Simulation provided by the University of Phoenix eResource is a supplement used to emphasize the study of project management. This simulation consisted of managing a project involving rescue and rehabilitation of overpopulated elephants in Zakinaka National Park to a special conservation area in Ungabo National Park to avoid the scarcity of feeding these animals. This project requires one to manage the work breakdown structure and project network of the project while reconsidering original plans due to unexpected exposed situations.

The project scope and deliverables are defined through given outputs and inputs of the Operation Elephants' Ark placed in proper order to relocate these elephants from Zakinaka National Park to Ungabo National Park. There were 21 different activities to be placed in the accurate sequence to successfully complete the first required task. The first task, D-Day-1, consisted of spotting the elephants, tranquilizing them, strapping them, lifting them, loading them onto a recovery truck, and sedating them to load into containers and aircraft to fly to Ungabo to feed and release them into the special conservation area.

At 0500 hours the same day, one of the two trailer trucks being used to transport these elephants came across some maintenance issues, leaving the project manager to decide amongst the risks and benefits of selecting an alternative option. Requesting a new trailer and taking a short cut to arrive at an estimated time was the best decision in performance having avoiding any sedating of any elephants. At 2125 hours that given day the elephants were being transported by plane and bad weather conditions were reported at destination with a specified amount of fuel and the elephant sedatives wearing out. The best decision made to operate through this situation was to circle the Ungabo airport and refuel the plane until weather...