Achilles And The Tortoise

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Zeno¡¯s Paradox Take Billy Joe Bim-Bob. He¡¯s your typical American country bumpkin, sitting in his beat up, plastered with duct tape, lay-Z-boy that he picked up on the side of the road, watching the Super Bowl not understanding what a dancing monkey has to do with E-trade, and what the hell E-trade is for that matter, drinking some Bud thinking how funny he would be if he said ¡°I wish I had some bud to go with my Bud,¡± all while hangin with his inbred cousins, Billy Ray, Bobby Joe, and Thomas Enquivst III (rumor has it that Thomas is adopted, but we all know that Bobby Joe¡¯s mom, Billie Jean, got with Billy Jo Bim-Bob¡¯s dad) who are all still in their boxers and a white t-shirt which is splattered with stains of beer, dropped bratwurst, and, of course, their own drool.

Finally that dancing monkey goes away and a Budweiser commercial comes on and Billy Joe breathes a sigh of relief as he sees something he can comprehend.

¡°Mmmmm¡¦beer,¡± Billy Joe thinks to himself while adding another drool stain to the collection. Suddenly, with the speed of a 28.8K modem, a thought weasels its way through the thickets of bong resin in his head; triggered by that catchy ad, he realizes that Billy Joe wants another Bud (there was much rejoicing). With the keen eyesight that only an eagle can replicate, he spies the room searching for the nearest unopened can. But alas, the nearest receptacle of beer is all the way across the room! Keeping in mind that he is a lazy beast, Billy Joe contemplates the fetching of the beer. He thinks, ¡°I reckon Billy Joe (yes, he sometimes likes to refer to himself in the third person) can¡¯t make it all the way over there...