Acid House, by Irvine Welsh

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A study of the strong themes presented in 'the shooter' and 'eurotrash' (short stories 'Acid House') by Irvine Welsh.

I chose 'The Acid House' by Irvine Welsh because I read the back of it and it sound really interesting and also the title intrigued me.

The first story I will discuss is 'the shooter'. This short story is about a man called Gary and his friend Jock who set out to teach a man called 'Whitworth' a lesson. Withworth is and old enemy of Gary and Jock, who failed to pay them money on several different occasions. Gary and Jock decide to go to Whitworths house and threaten him with an un-loaded sawn off shotgun. When they arrive Jock has second thoughts and tries to bail out but Gary persuades him not to. Jock gets a baseball bat from the boot and they knock on his door.

They get a shock when Withworths son answers the door. The small boy gets his dad and an argument breaks out on the doorstep. Gary whipped out the gun and starts waving it in his face. All of a sudden, Withworth goes flying into his house and lays in the middle of the lobby. He lays there in a pool of his own blood and Gary and Jock leave.

My first feature is the theme of revenge. The theme of revenge comes into the story a lot. The first sign of this is in the first couple of paragraphs when Gary and Jock are sitting at the table eating their meal when Gary says "me n Jock ere, we got a bit of business to talk about, aint we." Soon after that Gary mentions to Jock that "we teach the slag to take us seriously, teach him a f*****g...