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Hanifah Fitriyani / TG 23

Prac Report


My group research question for emotional investigation is "how different food affects your mood?" In this investigation we are measuring people's emotion with consuming different foods. We are measuring sadness to happiness by giving some people yoghurt and tea, and finding out how those foods affect their mood. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is the feeling you show when you are not happy. There are many examples to show for cause and effect relationship between mood and food. In this report I will explain how tea and yoghurt affects your sad mood? Tea contains an ingredient called L-Theanine. L- Theanine is one of the major amino acid components in green tea or black tea. It may modulate an aspect of brain function in humans and helps to keep your alert. Yoghurt dairy products contain essential vitamins and minerals which helps to improve your mood especially when you are feeling not happy.

By selecting a small group of 9 students and giving them the sample while keeping the people in the same room; the amount of food consumed will be measured. Our aim for this experiment is how our food experiment affects the patients.


Day 1 (Planning)

We are selecting 9 people at ASMS. Our sample size is three students for each test1, test2, and the control.

Finding subjects to conduct our experiment on.

Choosing a time and space to conduct our experiment.

Choosing one or more foods to test (we are choosing yoghurt and tea to measure sad mood / feeling).

Day 2 (Test days)

Find those people who are supposed to do our experiment.

Control - do the mood test in this website (people).

Test 1 - giving yoghurt to each person (3people).

Test 2 -...