Acient Art: The Laocoon Group and The She-Wolf

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Although Greek and Roman art work are different. They also have some similarities as well. The Laocoon Group is a Greek piece of art that is considered to be three-dimensional. The three artists Agesander, Athanodorus, and Polydoros has used contour and expressive lines to help define the mass sculpture. The artists of Laocoon Group used marble for a smooth texture which helps it to form a more realistic piece of fine art. The sculpture was not painted, but the artists kept the actual texture and color of marble as most artists did during this time. This sculpture was found in Rome in 1506 and identified as The Laocoon Group which represents an Apollo priest and his sons being attacked by two serpents. Laocoon (the priest) tried to warn the Greeks not to accept a gift of a wooden horse from the Greeks. But, after deciding to stick his spear in the hollow horse, two serpents came out and killed him and one of his sons.

The She-Wolf is a Roman piece of art work. This piece of art is more nonrepresentational, because it is hard for us to visualize a human being feed by an animal. The work of art is made of bronze and the color of bronze remains as its actual color. It is a freestanding sculpture, with a "frozen moment" of the She-Wolf feeding the twins. As the legend goes of this fine art is that two babies (twins) was ordered to be killed (because their mother had them out of wed lock) but, instead was left by the shore to be later fed by a She-Wolf that kept them alive. Days later Shepard's came by to take the twins Remus and Romulus from the She-Wolf and raised them until they were adults. Remus and Romulus later...