Acient China Timeline

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Beginning of Shang dynasty- (1700 BC)The first known civilization in china whose people produced the first known Chinese writing system. They also built the first cities and were experts at bronze work.

Birth of Confucius (551 BC)He was considered as the first official teacher. He had teachings and came up with the simple Golden Rule. And became the teachings of Confucianism.

Beginning of Qin Dynasty (221 BC)The Great wall was built. It improved the system of writing. It divided China into Districts. One type of currency used throughout China.

Death of Shi Huangdi (210 BC)It started four years of chaos and the civil war that ended in the murder of his son.

Beginning of Civil war in China (210 BC)Shi Huangdi’s grandson couldn’t hold China together. Rebellions broke out. The dynasty that was supposed to last for 10,000 generations lasted only 15 generations.

End of Qin Dynasty (206 BC)One of the rebels who helped overthrow the Qin dynasty was Liu Bang.

Who won over his rivals and became emperor of China and started a new dynasty.

Beginning of Han Dynasty (206 BC)Stable governments were a feature of the Han dynasty. It created the civil service system. The Silk Road was built. The y brought the teachings of Confucius back to bring respect back to china.

Liu Bang came to power (202 BC)He created a stable government. Which was less harsh than Shi Huangdi’s.

Wudi came to power (140 BC)He made improvements to Shi Huangdi’s Great wall. He also strengthened the army. By the end of Wudi’s reign, Chinese rule stretched west into Central Asia, north into Vietnam and Korea.

Death of Wudi (87 BC)Han dynasty started to fall apart. Warlords gained power. When he died the emperor gave up power and the Han dynasty ended.

End of Han Dynasty (220 AD)China broke up into several smaller kingdoms.

Explorations of Marco Polo (1200 AD)His stories of China saying it was a royal place with walls covered in gold and silver. It excited the imaginations and greed of monarchs and merchants to take over china.

Birth of Dalai Lama (1935 AD)He was discovered when he was 2 years old, when he picked out his items out of a large pile of stuff, and yet he knew what was his.

Beginning of Communism in China (1949 AD)Communist won the civil war and made china into a communist country. They replaced old system of land ownership wit communes.