Across the whole of the investigation I have encountered fewer

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Across the whole of the investigation I have encountered fewer difficulties than I had originally predicted.

Mechanically there were a number of problems that occurred that had previously been unseen. These included the weight of the bridge being so much that the motor was not powerful enough to lift it and the problems of avoiding it destroying itself by not stopping at its maximum and minimum heights. There were also some problems with the limit switches not working.

Electronically, there were fewer problems but they were, for the most part, harder to overcome. The first problem was getting reacquainted with the boards. This was relatively easy after 15 minutes or so of trial and error. Other problems faced included the complexity of some designed systems. For the most part these were too simple and basic for the control of the bridge itself.

All of these were overcome without too much difficulty and with a little thought and ingenuity.

My system was reasonably controlled and built. There were few problems, however the ones that were incurred usually had a large negative impact, such as the motor not stopping causing the bridge to collapse. The electronic systems that were designed originally were far too simple for the control of the bridge but these became more advanced as the project continued and I became familiar with the boards again.