Act 1 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet by william Shakespeare 1920's mafian translation

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The object of this assesment was to translate one seen from R+J into the words the mafia used during the 1920's.

Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 1

Mafian Rewrite

Enter Tommy and Nicky of the Montague family with guns holstered.

Tommy: Greg, I won't take this crap no longer.

Nicky: Yeah, those Capulets have been busting our balls long enough.

Tommy: Where gonna get whacked one of these days, I say we bag em first.

Nicky: But Tommy you are a lousy shot, you'll find yourself in the trunk of a car one of these days.

Tommy: I'd ice those Capulets faste------

Enter Mario and Jimmy of the Capulet family.

Tommy: My piece is loaded, should we waste em?

Nicky: No, our boss would get in the shit if we did.

Tommy: Well then I'll shit stir instead of firing.

Tommy gives the Capulets the finger.

Mario: Oh, you think you're a wise guy huh? You giving me the finger big man?

Tommy: Yeah I got a finger, but I not giving it to you.

Mario: Listen here; you wanna start something of it?

Tommy: [Aside to Nicky] Will I get broken if I say, "Yes"?

Nicky: [Aside to Tommy] Yes

Tommy: No, why do you?

Nicky: Are you gonna pull something or what?

Mario: Pull something; only pulling you'll be getting is from the bottom of the river after we dump youse there.

Tommy: If you do, I serve as good as boss as you. And you know what'l happen.

Mario: As good? Or more?

Nicky: [Aside to Tommy] Say "better", here comes a "Made man" of our family.

Tommy: Yes better.

Mario: You lying scumbag!

All men draw their weapons

Enter Benvolio of the house of Montague

Benvolio: Scram fools, throw down your pieces.

Enter Tybalt...