Act of Kindness

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What is a dollar?The other days my roommates and I went to the Subway right on the corner of Assembly Street. We order our food and decided to dine in. After we finished our meals we headed back to my car. As we were leaving I heard some one calling to get our attention. My roommates kept saying “Hurry up, hurry up before that lady come over here.” So curious enough I wanted to see what they were talking about so I looked over my shoulder and seen this lady who looked distressed. So I turned toward her direction and she asked if any of us had a dollar to spare. She said that she just wanted a dollar so she could get a snack. She looked like she had been walking for quite a while and if nothing else she looked thirsty. So I looked into my purse and all I had was a five dollar bill. I could have lied and told the lady that I didn’t have any cash on me, but I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. I reached for the five dollar bill, pulled it out and handed it to the lady. She thanks me and told me “God bless,” and walked away.

My roommates commented that they don’t have extra money to pass out like that. But the way I figure is what if that was my daughter or sister? Would I want someone to shrug her off? What if she was desperate? I didn’t know if she was homeless, or if her car had broken down, or if she was stranded and had to walk a while till she could get to someone who could help her. I couldn’t take a chance to know that that could have...