Action of Amylase in the Small Intestine-experiment-lab report

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Testing the action of amylase

Aim: To see if the starch solution is broken down in the visking tube by the amylase and then passed through it into the beaker where we can test it for glucose.

Hypothesis: I think that Glucose shall be present in the solution outside the Visking tube after 15 minutes has passed.



Lab coats


Heat plate



Starch Solution

Benedict Solution


Test tubes


Visking tube


Stop Watch

Amylase solution


1. Firstly gather all apparatus necessary and set them up accordingly.

2. Then take the visking tube and tie one end of it up so no solution can pass through it.

3. Add the starch solution to the visking tube and then add the amylase to the visking tube and tie the other end up so it is closed up completely.

4. Then add this to a beaker full of water.

5. The Water in the beaker should be at a temperature of 40(C)

6. Then start timing using the stop watch.

7. While the time is going, set up the hot plate and add a beaker to it filled with water.

8. Then add a test tube, to the beaker on the hot plate.

9. When the timer has reached 5 minutes, using the syringe take out 5ml out of the beaker and add it to the test tube in the beaker, on the hot plate.

10. Then add 2 drops of the benedict solution to the test tube.

11. Note any of the color change and if it does not change into any sort of red or yellow then mark it as no glucose visible on you're data table.

12. Then clean the test tube out and it put it back in the beaker.

13. Repeat...