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Its basically a nice summary of the the genre of Action done in a media class.

The Action genre is a very popular genre among any people. Men and particularly Teenagers seem to be the main target audience. This genre is concerned with alot of things but the usually thin story line is supported by a wide variety of Guns, Knives, Blood, Various Weapons, Loud Explosions and sometimes even drugs.

The main character(s) is usually a really tough or smart hero. And is usually accompanied by an evil bad guy. This character is usually and alot of the time male but in the recent years the role has changed only a little and there is always an occasional movie about a woman action star. One of these examples is GI-Jane. In this movie a woman is forced into an army and she is the only female there. She does better that most men and shows that woman are capable of anything that men are.

Its not only in movies that men were know to be the superior race. This was carried through history as men are always know to do the `harder` jobs such as hunting and gathering food and women were at home making food and caring for the kids. I am not saying the womans job is easier but it definatelly takes less effort. And in movies women are always the victims and wait for the man to rescue or save them. One of these examples is Terminator 2. The man is injured with her son and she is stuck with the killer. At that moment the big and tought male action hero comes and rescues them from death. This is just one of the many movies in which something like this happens.

We live in a...