Is Activist Hacking Illegal?

Essay by glengem September 2003

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How lame is this?

The most negligent act on the part of RIAA to regulate it's industry is to sue consumers from

downloading their copyrighted material online. RIAA is an unbrella organization that consists

of leading music industry distributors that doesn't have any real say about litigation

concerning a specific one company. RIAA is offering blanket amnesty to people giving themselves

in. However, when your name is given they are not restricted from giving that information to

companies whom they represent ,whom might ask for it later on to sue you. How are you affected?

Do not and I wish to emphasize this point turn yourselves in. Instead use this program called peer guardian, which

can be found readily on the web for free, to block RIAA and MPAA or affliated organizations

that monitor illegal downloads on peer to peer networks or the like. Keep them from gathering

evidence on you by blocking their suspected IP ranges from connecting to your computer.

If you

think I'm just full of hot air, try it for yourself. Go search google for this program and you'll

see that the music industry is agressively hacking into people's computer which could only be

seen as computer terrorism. These people have no right to gain access to unwitting consumers.

Please ask your congressman to enforce and enact new legislation to make illegal activist hacking

on the part of all industries.