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Activities, experience and interests are part of our life. What would happen if we didn't have any activities or interests? Our lives won't be the same as they are.

Like everyone else I had a special interest in a sport called Cricket while I was in India. It's a well-known sport world-wide, except for the Americas. Unfortunately, not many people know about the sport over here.

Well, while I was in India we used to play Cricket a lot. It's the main sport everyone plays in the whole country. I never cared about any other sport too much but Cricket. We used to gather our whole society, make a team & play against other teams from different societies. Whenever there was a cricket match going on, I would just stick in front of the television and not do anything else.

As it's a game where different countries play against each other at different locations like Australia, England, West Indies etc...the

match timings used to clash, when its day time in the other country where the match is going to take place, its night time in our country. Many people used to miss some games because of that. But not me, if a match is suppose to take place at 2.a.m at night, I would still wake up and watch it! This sport just meant a lot to me. I was coaching up for it, and had started looking forward to it as my career.

As we moved here, it has remained more like a dream than reality. But I still enjoy the game, and keep news of all the events related to cricket! It was always meaningful to me and it still is.