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Essay by cvinson November 2008

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Track and field is an important part of my life because for one thing it has taken up four long years of my life with over 30 hours per week. I started out running Cross Country in my ninth grade year. I was originally just supposed to be there for training purposes for the basketball season. I thought that I would have been able to just slip out when I needed to but it wasn’t that easy. I became attached to my surroundings and the people that I had grown to be friends with.

During my tenth grade year I became very serious with the sport, running on weekends and competing in all types of meets. That same year I took up the art of Hurdling and High Jumping where I competed in our Public League Championship in three events. During my Eleventh grade year I was appointed girls team field captain where my co-leaders and myself lead our fairly new to the track team to a second place title after facing adversity from the pressure of coming in at least second best.

My senior year just past we went out very strong this year going to practice the first day of school. Again I was Captain, and we had a lot or preparing to do to face the whole year, we went thru so much from college, preparations, to mid-terms and school events to finally the championship day.

We went thru that whole time hoping, praying, wishing, and training to be able to walk off that track as the first girls team ever in history for our school to capture the championship. We gave it all we had but left that day 3 points short of our victory and I left with a miniature hole in my heart. Many...