How Actors Contribute to a Film

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How Actors Contribute to a FilmIntroductionActors play an important role in the making and success of a film. Actors contribute much to the quality of a film and little to its fundamental conception. The creation of each role plays is defined by the actor and determines what makes the characters come to life within the film. Throughout this essay Team B has determined what an actor contributes to a film and why they are important to the success of a film.

What is the goal of acting?The central goal of acting is character development. Character development is the ability of an actor to successfully become a living representation of a proposed character created by a writer for a film. An actor who is skilled at character development can, "create the role and inhabit the imaginary world the writer has placed them in." (Horwitz, 2008) An artist must completely examine the character and exclusively become the personality needed for the film or production.

Study of the character may include an introspected glance at past experiences and application of the emotions within. If an actor can successfully portray the person whom the film requires in a believable, multifaceted way, he or she has been successful, and will contribute volumes to the story being told.

What skills are required to achieve this goal?Character development may seem simple to a non actor, but the transformation of self is only possible when an actor has the skills required to achieve it. Actors typically spend years of training attempting to perfect the particular gifts and skills of their profession. According to Simi Horwitz, there are several gifts that help an actor achieve this goal; "Each extraordinary artist possesses a unique combination of gifts and must work to bring them to fruition and to compensate for the...