Acts of Heroism I believe that ordinary people can do

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Acts of Heroism I believe that ordinary people can do heroic things. A Hero by definition is a figure in Mythology and legend renowned for exceptional courage and fortitude. The word also has many connotative meanings. A person who pulls another person from a burning building would be considered a hero. Another example of a hero would be when a person stands up for something or someone despite what others think about them doing that. In saying that ordinary people can show acts of heroism suggests that if anyone was placed in position where they could choose to possibly risk there life to help some one or they decide not to help and to remain safe. This choice is given to ordinary people who can either choose the safe way or the heroic way. This choice that ordinary people are given separates a hero from an ordinary person.

To prove that heroes can be ordinary people you know that ordinary people don't go around looking to be heroes.

I believe that people are put in a situation and simply they are handed a choice. This choice lets them choose to take either the safe way or the courageous way. If you were stuck in a situation in which you had to make a decision to take the safe way or the heroic way, which would you choose? When you think of heroes who comes to mind. For me many people come to mind. For me the rescue workers of September eleventh come to my mind first. These men and women are everything that a hero is. The Rescue workers are ordinary people. These people were just like you and I. They were faced with the decision whether or not to give their lives to save others. Luckily for the people in need the rescuers chose to risk and some gave their lives for the safety of others.

These people are supreme examples of a group of ordinary people that came together in a time of crisis to risk their lives to help other people. These heroes gave their lives for complete strangers. In my mind they are definitely the greatest example of what I believe a hero to be.

These rescue workers are not the only people that are heroes, and heroes do not only come out on a national tragedy such as September eleventh. There are many people I think are heroes that show acts of valor every day. Some of these people that risk their lives all the time for others are police officers, which are placed in the line of fire on a daily basis. They are another fine example of what a hero is from my perspective. The work of fire fighters goes hand and hand with the year round duties of the police officers risk their lives for others. Other people that risk their lives to protect others are none other than our men and women in the military. These men and women are ready to go on a moments notice to risk their lives for the protection of other people these men and women are another great example of what a hero is Heroes do not always have to be someone that saves a life. A Person can become a hero on a milder level by simply standing up for something or someone they believe in even if it will make them look bad.

In closing you never know if you would be placed in this situation would you choose the safe road or would you choose or the less traveled road and show acts of courage by risking your life to save others.