Actuality of a Fantasy - about reality vs. illusions in the story "Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. 500 word Literary Analysis.

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The "Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, portrays the Wingfield family and Jim as unable to face reality and live a deceiving life. "Glass Menagerie" characters are faced with reality, yet all the characters ignore reality to cover it with a fantasy. The "Glass Menagerie" is filled with illusions and reality.

Laura's illusions are symbolized by her glass collection of animals. Her reality comes from being slightly crippled. She is very shy and nervous which makes it hard for her to interact with people. Tom tells Laura that Jim is coming to the house. This makes a ruckus adding to Laura ignoring the true facts of life. Laura finds out that Jim is engaged already. Laura faces reality and her glass menagerie, which were both created from illusions, and are both broken.

Tom's illusions are derived from his situation at home and work. He has to provide for both his mother Amanda and his sister Laura.

His escapes to reality are portrayed by him writing poetry, going to movies, and drinking. Tom being put in this situation makes you feel sympathy for him because he is holding his own plans in life, but cannot carry them out because of his responsibilities. Tom works in a warehouse and wishes to become a sailor to travel the world. This is also another escape from reality for Tom. It was best for Tom to leave the situation and carry out his own plans.

Jim is Laura's "gentlemen caller." Jim has turned into an ordinary man, yet is very over confident which could be influenced by his popularity in high school. Jim also is sidetracked from reality by his dreams. He misleads Laura in thinking that she is liked by Jim. Her hope is then shattered by Jim telling...