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8 October 2014

Advertisement Analysis- "Stop Climate Change"

The World Wildlife Fund, or better known as WWF, is an organization that strives to better the life of animals and humans on the planet. In this ad, a man that looks quite foul scary, and un-earthly is featured. The initial sense that one gets when first looking at this image is that is looks nonhuman. The man or woman in this picture is perceived as looking like some sort of reptile or fish, is clearly morphed and does not share many traits with a human. The only human traits this creature possesses is the teal- colored collared shirt, the chest, and the ears. The eyes, nose, lips, mouth, head, neck, and overall head shape does not resemble any human and is completely unnatural to a human being. This advertisement is targeting companies and humans that are destroying the climate and environment of our world.

The WWF's (World Wildlife Fund) is fed up with our society and how our society is polluting the environment. This advertisement is not about an object, or a perfume, or even a car; it is about a choice that everyone can make in the world, to stop climate change so that we don't turn into the man in the picture. The WWF would like the human population to stop polluting the environment. The World Wildlife Fund's message, exigence, and purpose are portrayed by the use of three rhetorical appeals: pathos, ethos, and logos.

Pathos is a rhetorical device that persuades by appealing to the reader's emotions. The fact that this advertisement is almost completely an image is very emotional. If this ad were to be only words, it would not appeal to a...