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It seems you either love him or hate him - but there's no avoiding him. Adam Sandler has risen to the top, and he has his loyal fans to thank for it. While most actors fight their way to the top while relying mainly on hype, for Sandler this was actually against him. No one thought he would succeed, but the fans made it happen, carrying him to the top of the box office.

Sandler grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was born on September 9th, 1966. While this probably doesn't come as a surprise, Adam was the class clown throughout high school. What was surprising is that Adam never realized how useful his sense of humor would be. He got his start in stand-up comedy one night when he got and started performing at a Boston bar he frequently went to.

Although Sandler is often dismissed as Immature, he has a University education with a degree in Fine Arts from New York University.

He relied on the money that he earned in stand-up and from a recurring role on the hit Cosby Show as Theo Huxtable's dim-witted buddy. He spent some time doing stand-up in L.A., where former Saturday Night Live star Dennis Miller caught his act. Miller spoke to producer Lorne Michaels about him, and Adam Sandler was soon working for SNL.

At first, he was mainly a writer who appeared on the show occasionally. However, his appearances were so popular (ie: Operaman, Canteen Boy) that his status soon changed to that of a regular player. During the early 90s, he was by far the most popular and entertaining cast member and the one credited with keeping the show going, despite falling ratings and criticism that SNL had passed its prime.

Sandler began releasing audio tapes of...