Adam Smith Assembly: His Visit to the Future (Written As if the writer is Adam Smith)

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Adam Smith Assembly: His Visit to the Future

Hello. For those of you who do not know me, I am Adam Smith, the economist, and philosopher. I would like to start by saying how much this means to me to be here in (name of your school) speaking to you all. Although my time is limited, I will try to cover the most important parts of my existence. I suppose I will tell you about my life, my famous books, and my contribution to philosophy.

I was born in 1723, in a town called Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland. I can not tell you the exact date of my birth because I was too young to remember. I do know, however, that my priest baptized me on June 5, 1723. Most of my childhood was a bore. I spent my days going to school and working on pointless reports. When I was finally finished with school, I was ready to move on to big things.

("Adam Smith" Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

In 1752, I was chosen to be Professor of Logic at Glasgow University where I then "[transferred] to the chair of moral philosophy" (Lucid). I worked as a professor for about twenty-five years. During this time I published my first book, Theory of Moral Sentiments, a book about " [the] standards of ethical conduct that hold society together" (Lucid).

I moved to London in 1776 where I wrote The Wealth of Nations. Nothing spectacular happened right after I published the book. Two years later I was appointed commissioner of customs in Edinburgh, Scotland. During this time, I devoted much of my income to numerous, but secret, acts of charity. (Honderich, Ted)

During my life, as I mentioned before, I wrote two books, Theory of Moral Sentiments, and...