Adamant Ambition by Chervine Razmazma

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"Many generations have passed by and many economical theories were designed and put into practice by the brightest of economists. However, it wasn't until a few months ago; in an era where technological advancements grow beyond our need for them, that a person so intricate and powerful discovered the possibility to nurture long-term economic growth without repercussions of inflation and recessions. Ladies and gentlemen, this advancement in the field of economics promises us to experience and live the most fruitful years of our lives, both professionally and personally. It is then, my pleasure to present to all of you, the Nobel Prize winner for globally reforming economics: Chervine Razmazma!"

Thunderous applause resounded from the audience. The glitters of the dresses; the outstanding intellectuals from different nations; the staff in the background warmly smiling at me; friends and family cheering me on; knowing the fact that people all over the world are watching this event.

To my surprise, I expected the ceremony to not have such materialistic and portentous allure, but to portray a much more modest and professional facade. But my complaining was quick shut down by the fact that this day had finally arrived and I was prone to savor every minute of it. I convincingly made my way to the podium, firmly shook hands with Alan Greenspan who was kind enough to compose an introductory speech on my behalf, and waved at the audience while maintaining a similar stance resembling those of politicians and presidents. The time had finally come to sincerely express words that had the chance to stimulate everyone's integrity in the world around them. A self-reflection of everyone's personal and intellectual upbringing.

"Today should not be used as an opportunity to propagandize the Chervinian theory, nor its impact on our economy. All these superficial praises...