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One can survive in life by just avoiding challenges, but to live life and move up the ladder one needs to embrace challenges and adapt to them accordingly. “We must cut our coat according to our cloth, and adapt ourselves to changing circumstances.”- William Ralph Inge. This sentence of wisdom clearly states that how we react, depends on the circumstances of the moment and not something that is premeditated. To do this though, we have to apply the skills that we have learned in the past. One has to live in the present, take challenges as they come and adapt to them using the skills learned. The text The Leap by Louise Erdrich suggests that an individual adapts to changing circumstances by welcoming the challenges with open arms, by embracing them and using the skills learnt to overcome them. The text, The Leap by Louise Eldrich clearly shows how one adapts to changing circumstances by the character Anna and her actions as described by the narrator, her daughter.

Anna has this evergreen quality in her character that can adapt to any change and can survive in extreme elements. Anna in her youth was part of the Flying Avalons, a group that did extreme tricks to entertain the crowd. She had to adapt her life so that she could continue working with the Flying Avalons and also not disturb her normal life, that of a civilian. The evergreen quality in Anna likewise was something which I naturally had but it developed overtime. First, migrating to Canada from India was one drastic cultural change and complete change in lifestyle which I had to overcome. Then, as I was just felt home in Toronto, we moved to Fort McMurray. The second challenge was not as big as the first but nonetheless very...