Adaptive Writing style

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Adaptive Writing Style

Technical communication-or technical writing, which ever you would prefer to call it, is designated to target certain experts or specialist in a particular field. The purpose is to deliver technical information to readers (or listeners or viewers) in a manner that is adapted to their needs, level of understanding, and background. Some key areas to be covered in this report would be; the report topic, target audience, vocabulary, sentence length and report type.

Select a topic that you are familiar with or do extensive research on the topic if need be. Decide what subject your are going to write about and narrow it down as much as possible. Define what the report will accomplish and what needs of the audience it is going to fulfil. Identify the circumstances in which this report is needed

Define a specific person or group of people for whom you are going to write the report.

Are they experts, technicians, executives or nonspecialists? Experts are the people who know the theory and the product inside and out. They designed it, they tested it, and they know everything about it. The technician's are the people, who built, operate, maintain, and repair the stuff that the experts design and theorize about. The executives are the people who make business, economic, administrative, legal, governmental, political decisions on the stuff that the experts and technicians work with. The nonspecialists are the people that have the least technical knowledge of all.

When addressing a general audience, use simple words that everyone can understand for your report. Remember that everyone is not an expert or specialist in your field. Save the complicated and specialized terminology words for addressing experts and specialists in your field. Also use sentence clarity and economy in your work.

As you may...