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ADHD is just a behavior problem. This is what many think but it?s actually not. ADHD is a disability in the brain and the spinal chord.

I. Understanding ADHD A. What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder B. The causes of ADHD C. The family life as a result of ADHD 1. How ADHD effects the mother and father 2. How ADHD effects the siblings II. Coping with an ADHD child A. Coping with the diagnosis B. Coping at home 1. Eight steps to better behavior 2. Problem solving C. Effects at school 1. Helping with peer pressure 2. Keeping school performance up III. Medication for ADHD A. Management to help behavior B. Medications 1. Ritalin and its side effects Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a developmental disorder of self-control. The affected kids have troubles with impulse control, a short attention span and their activity level. ADHD is that and much more.

ADHD is often thought to be caused by not enough parental discipline. ADHD is not caused by that, ADHD is a real problem and is very nerve-wracking. ADHD kids are very annoying but they can?t help it because its caused by an imperfection is the brain. ADHD is found in about 3 to 5% of all children. Which means more than two million children under age eighteen in the U.S. could have the disorder (Barkley, 78). That number includes all cases, and not all cases require medication. Some children could have mild or borderline ADHD. Typically people today are diagnosed with ADHD when their symptoms occur more frequently and with greater magnitude than in 93% of those of their same age and sex (Barkley, 78).

It?s sometimes thought that faulty parenting or too much sugar ingestion causes ADHD. Another study in Los Angles observed that children with ADHD were...