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Today, popping a pill is as accepted as eating or breathing. This pill can be something as tame as a vitamin, containing many nutrients that we need, to a pill such as Adderall or Ritalin, a drug that is often over prescribed and has a strong potential for abuse. Whenever a child is doing poorly in school, parents may like to think that a magic pill is the answer , when really all the child needs to get is a bit of tutoring. While drugs have many benefits, they can also have many drawbacks. Because Adderall's effect is so desirable, that is, it helps the user focus and be energetic throughout the day, it is a hard pill to stop taking. While these drugs help those with hyperactivity settle down, it has a speed or cocaine like effect on those who have more relaxed brain chemistry.

Not just those with ADD/ADHD use it anymore.

Ritalin and Adderall are used both academic and recreational purposes. Their effect is much like a mild form of speed, helping the user concentrate and focus on a particular task, but without the jitters and other drawbacks that other amphetamines can cause. This is in thanks to it's chemistry being refined by large pharmaceutical companies over the years. When the drug is absorbed through a mucous membrane by being snorted, the effects are brought on much more intensively and quickly. The only downside is that there is a noticeable drop once the drug starts wearing off. While this can be quickly remedied by taking another quick hit, it can cause a strong psychological dependence. Recreationally, the drug is used an alternative to cocaine, mostly because of it's acceptance and availability. At that level, the pills are no longer taken orally, as it takes too long...