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"Addicted to Noise" Advertisement Analysis - by Calli Newton The aim of advertising is to trigger an interest in a particular audience towards a certain product, thus making it appealing. In this case the product being a website "addicted to noise" the online music magazine. This advertisement uses several techniques to gain the attention of young adults, alerting their desired consumers that the product exists. This essay will look at this advertisement's use of persuasive powers and how they are used to create the desired effect.

The advertisement's target audience is in fact displayed as visual text - the crowd. People ranging from mid-teens to mid-twenties. This website would be targeting such an audience because of what it has to offer, the website and all of its content would appeal to this age group. The technique of marginalising is used when initial interest is drawn to the advert by a large image of a mosh pit, quite a popular setting for the desired age group.

The light orange/yellow of the crowd's faces contrasted by the surrounding black also works in attracting attention. Once attention has been attracted, interest is sparked by curiosity, the reader wonders what the crowd is looking at on stage. The consumer's eyes then travel down the page to the stage where they see a laptop computer and the line "Rage with the machine" This is where the information is presented.

There are a number of eye-catching visuals in this particular advertisement. As mentioned previously there is a mosh pit, which attracts almost immediate attention because it takes up about half the page. The expressions on the people's faces in this picture are ones of amazement and happiness, this creating a positive sensation. The lighting that is cast upon the crowd is used as a...