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Addicted To The Game Cause & Effect Paper Soccer is the most famous and by far the most popular sports game on the planet. According to latest surveys, about one third of the world's population is interested, or, in some way involved in it. To a great number of people soccer is solely entertainment, to others, however, it is comparable to drugs in its influence on the mind and emotions.

The legendary English manager Bill Shankley once said, "The way some people talk about soccer you'd think the result of one single game was a matter of life and death. They just do not understand "" it's much more than that."� As it has shown. Soccer has become one of the greatest addictions of the XX century.

The above mentioned Shankly is one of the most successful managers of the English soccer team "Liverpool FC"�. His words would sound bizarre, even heretic, to someone, who is not involved in the game.

In that sense it is useful to acknowledge that the "Liverpool"� fans have the reputation of the most violent and aggressive supporters throughout Europe.

May 1985. "Heysel"� stadium in Brussels is packed with excitement and eagerness for the start of the final game of the most intriguing club competition "" the European Cup featuring the likes of English "Liverpool"� and "Juventus"� of Italy. "I hurried home to turn on the radio and listen to the live commentary. Angry that I am 15 minutes late, I was shocked the game hasn't started yet"�, says Roberto Lazzeri, editor for the Turin-based sports daily "Gazzetta Dello Sport"�. And he was not the only one. In a mass fight between the "Liverpool"� and "Juventus"� game 39 people were killed, many others seriously injured. What mattered the least was the result of the match...