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As the Wikipedia encyclopedia may describe addictions as a chronic disorder proposed to be precipitated by a combination of genetic, biological/pharmacological and social factors, it is viewed in society as an increasing concern that is affecting the majority of the Canadian population. Whether it be addictions ranging from substance abuse to chronic internet use, it's posed as a serious concern to the community. Statistics Canada shows that the total cost of substance abuse was $40 Billion, based on the 2002 census.

There are currently seven major addictions that have been classified as harmful. These addictions consist of drug/alcohol, internet, sex, gambling, nicotine & eating. Generally, there are two components that stem from addictions; physical and psychological dependencies. Physical dependency occurs when a drug has been used habitually and the body has become immune to its effects. Psychological dependency occurs when a drug has also been used habitually but the mind becomes emotionally reliant on its effects (E. Morton Jellinek, 2006).

Drug and alcohol addiction is the most frequent addiction that has been brought to society's attention. Alcoholism affects 30% of Canada's population with the breakdown of 23% being low-risk drinkers & 17% being considered high risk drinkers, according to Statistics Canada (2002) Chart 2. Excessive internet use has just recently been posed as a problem within Canada. The reasoning behind why it's seen as an addiction is because it's used as an escape mechanism for most individuals linked with stress or a way to escape reality for the time being. Studies have shown that excessive amount of internet use causes mood swings, depression, lack of socialization, and decreased family participation thus resulting in job loss, school drop-out, or the absence of important events. Over thirty percent of Canada's population has reported that they use the Internet to escape...