Is Addiction a Spiritual Disease

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There comes a time in almost every person's life, when he or she feels they have reached the deepest, darkest, depths of despair. Sometimes, this depth of despair is easily remedied and goes away within a few days. Other times, it is long lasting and can only be solved with medication and therapy. During these times of despair, some people may turn to a higher power and seek out a light to fill the dark void which hovers over their every move; while others may turn to drugs, food, or alcohol to feel the emptiness. The biggest question remains however, "Is addiction a spiritual disease?"

This question has been debated over and over one side of the story agrees that addiction is a spiritual disease, while others say no it is a physical and physiological addiction. The first side says that addiction is very much a spiritual disease. Proponents of this side claim that as the addictive personality gains more control and addicts lose more of their ability to influence their own thoughts and behavior, there is a spiritual deadening.

Spiritual means being connected in a meaningful way to the world around us. The feeling of belonging and being an important part of the world is lost as addiction progresses. The sense of knowing oneself and one's importance drifts further and further away.

Addiction is thought to be very much a spiritual disease by this side. Everybody has the ability to connect with the soul and spirit of others. Because addiction is a direct assault against self, it is a direct attack on the spirit or soul of the person suffering from an addiction. A person's spirit produces life; the goal of addiction is spiritual death.

These people believe that the longer the addiction goes on, the more spiritually isolated...