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Module 4: Case Assignment


It should be noted that this is not the first Olympics that Adidas has participated in and there is a claim that the company has had its ups and downs over the years. In 1996, the company provided equipment for six thousand Olympians and in 2000 its participation in the Olympics with Olympian Ian Thorp helped contribute to the firm's success. Also, Adidas was the sole sponsor for the 2002 FIFA event taking place in Korea. However, Nike embarked on a FIFA advertising campaign. Nike asked the winners to wear a specific sign on their shirt, and many liked the idea of wearing a secret sign. While Adidas was the sole sponsor, Nike won in terms of branding as well as in equity share. So how did Adidas do in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


While Adidas has not competed well in the past, they hope the Beijing is different.

Adidas has paid tens of millions for the podium rights to all of the Chinese Olympic teams. Nike has decided to do deals with 22 of 28 Chinese teams so that they'll compete in Nike gear - even though they'll be wearing Adidas on the podium.� Currently Adidas has more than 3,500 stores in China right now, and by 2010 they are planning on having approximately 5,000 stores. So Adidas has a lot riding on the success of their advertising campaign. One of their first

for Brands are personifications of organizations, products, services and experiences. In this way they are the primary sources of relationships with customers, promises to customers, and customer loyalty. The process of giving a 'name' or brand affiliation to a product has developed rapidly this century. Brand marketing grew alongside the consumer society, supported...