Additional Scene to Shakespeare's Macbeth. I wrote Act VI, Scene 1, after Shakespeare concludes the play in Act 5.

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Donalbain: Malcolm's brother who early in the play fled to Ireland after his father's (Duncan)death. He is not seen the remainder of the play, until now.

Witches: The 3 troublesome sisters who plagued MacBeth and contributed to his downfall for their own pleasure.

Macbeth: Act VI, Scene 1

Setting: Desolate rocky plain near Malcom's Castle in Scotland. Donalbain meets the witches.

[Enter alone on horseback with sword and supplies]

Donalbain: Malcolm dines tonight as the rightful king,

But rightful king that frantic fool is not,

Had my father seen through that serpent's guise

He would've been all the wiser

Choosing an heir t' rule his countrymen. 5

But wisdom wasn't of my father's fortune,

'Twas this that was the thread to his undoing.

[unhorses and begins walking over the rocky unstable ground leading his horse.]

My journey leads me to the company of mine own,

But this treacherous ground gives notice of malicious weather

That lurks upon th' unsuspecting soul and devours it10

In one foul sweep.

Shelter is needed for mine own survival,

For without, I shall perish at the mercy of all that is earthly and great.

I shall not be struck down by that which perpetuates

The seasons change at the will of those above.

Such a fate would do no justice to thy name15

Upon this mighty shield.

[Witches enter opposite side of stage, seen in the shadows around a fire]

What fortunate tidings mine eyes do report,

A fire, a fire over the hill and yonder.

I shall pray that it be of friendly company

Else I'll be so inclined as t' yield their breath.20

[ties up his horse and fetches his sword and shield.]

I must not startle these shadows as I know not of their nature.

Chanting of some foul nature fills...