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Although our country is very powerful and strong, we do not need to overlook the possibility for being attacked as we saw on the 11th day of September. We need to be ready for anything and everything. We need to be prepared by increasing security on many major landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge in California. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the finest bridges in the world as was the Twin Towers in New York. Security on and around the bridge needs to be increased to make sure one of America's most precious landmarks is protected and out of harm's way. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most respected bridge in the United States and one of the oldest, it was built in 1937 for a mere 27 million dollars. This magnificent bridge has heightened its security and I believe that many other major landmarks need to take consideration for doing the same.

By increasing security by air, land, and water the Golden Gate Bridge will be much more protected and make it much less vulnerable. Boats patrolling under the bridge would protect the undercarriage of the bridge, however there would also need to be some way of protecting the bridge from underneath the water as well as on the surface where boats should be checked when passing underneath. The bridge will definitely need to be more secure by land because it would be the easiest way to cause some kind of disaster. There will need to be checkpoints at each side of the bridge where law enforcement will check the cars and the people who cross the bridge on the sidewalk. Security by air will need to be increased as well; a patrolling helicopter or one that is parked at the top of the bridge will help in solving problems in the air.